Blade Show 2019 “Investor Collector Knife of The Year” Award

The winner of the Blade Show “Investor Collector Knife of The Year” Award for 2019 is our Medium Brend in solid steel featuring engraving by Julie Warenski and hand ground, mirror polished blade by Walter Brend, and Tacori diamond inlaid button.

Brend KOTY - Web - Front

Brend KOTY - Web - Front Bolsters

Brend KOTY - Web - Back Bolsters

Brend KOTY - Warenski Signature
We are proud to win the award for Blade Show 2019 “Investor Collector Knife of The Year”. This is the 8th time we have won this award in this particular category. This year’s knife was a collaboration featuring the beautiful hand engraving of Julie Warenski along with an elegant Walter Brend hand ground and mirror polished blade. Tacori inlaid the 9 small diamonds into the push button lock. Everyone on the Pro-Tech Team came together to produce this beautiful knife that took home the award by unanimous judge decision at the show. We are honored each year we have won this award, and hope to continue a tradition of presenting award winning knives each year at Blade Show.
Pro-Tech Knives did the overall construction of this knife along with hand satin finished steel frame featuring mother of pearl inlays, and fully 3D machined titanium deep carry clip with bronze anodizing. Walter Brend is the designer of this model, and also hand ground and mirror polished the amazing trailing point blade. Julie Warenski hand engraved this entire knife using a mix of traditional engraving techniques, bulino engraved skulls, and inlays using 24kt gold, copper, and sterling silver. Finally, Tacori inlaid 9 small diamonds into the push button to give it a special glittering highlight. All of these elements combine into this amazing, award winning knife.


2018 Investor/Collector Knife of the Year!

Newport Diamond Left

We are proud to announce that we recently won the Investor\Collector Knife of 2018 Award at Blade Show 2018! This is the 7th time the honor has been bestowed to us in this category. It is a nice reward for all the hard work and dedication our employees put in every day to make the best knives possible. We also would like to thank our customers, who buy our products, use them, and tell their friends what great products we make. Our loyal customers allow us to push ahead and make such great knives, so thank you!

This stunning Newport features a solid 416 steel handle extensively engraved by Mitchel Lurth and inlaid with gold on BOTH sides with diamond accents on the front. The push button features gold accents and is inlaid with 9 small diamonds by Tacori. Finally the blade is a beautiful mosaic Damascus by Chad Nichols. Limited amount of 10 total will be made! MSRP – $12,500

Banner-2018 Blade show winner-complete

MAGIC 2 / new scale release AUTO


A Mike “Whiskers” Allen design automatic folder WITH NO BUTTON!

After years of retirement of the Original Magic scale release we modified the design and re-introduced this great model for 2018.  The auto mechanism on the Magic 2 is so covert that most people who are handed the knife without opening instructions can not figure it out.  Safe, discreet and highly reliable.

Featuring a Great deep bellied 3.75” Blade, covert scale release opening and a deep carry clip the MAGIC-2 is a fantastic addition to the Pro-Tech lineup.

M2605 Straight Hand close up-Arrows1200x1200

And the winner is…… Cambria!

BLADE Investor:collector Knife of the year

CF Award17 A

Our first button lock flipper and 6th Blade Magazine Investor/Collector Knife of the Year Award!

An amazing product introduction for us at the Blade Show – releasing an amazing range of this new flipper folder from solid black models $230 retail all the way to the Investor/Collector grade award winning $8,000 model!

This award-winning masterpiece features solid 416 stainless steel frame, an enormous amount of hand engraving and 18k gold inlay work by Master Engraver Bruce Shaw, black clip pearl, Nichols stainless Damascus and is limited to a 10 piece serial numbered group.

Our 4th Blade Magazine Investor/Collector knife of the year award winning knife!


Our 4th Blade Magazine Investor/Collector knife of the year award winning knife!

A very limited group of these knives will be built. Individually numbered of only 10 knives.

Hand satin finished 416 stainless steel frame, pre-ban ivory inlays, mosaic pin push button, incredible hand engraving and gold work by Julie Warenski. Knife is packaged with custom wood presentation box.

$6,000 Retail

We will only receive one engraved knife back from Warenski every few months. Please let us know if you would like to be added to the pre-order list to own this very special collector knife.